Dave Deese

TTA Groundwork Specialist
TCIA Groundworker

Deese! Your wood removal guy: I pick up what they’re putting down! I started tree work a little over 3 years ago, needing part time work while I fixed bicycles and guided the James River with Riverside Outfitters, but quickly went full time with True Timber. I didn’t know anything about tree work except it looked exciting and the folks were inspiring and fun to work alongside. Also, I wanted to prove to myself that I could hack it. While, I’m a decent climber at best, I feel most confident in my ground and equipment operations. Roping is absolutely my favorite aspect of tree work besides running equipment. Knuckle booms! Though I may not be the one taking down big trees; I’ve got no problem throwing a log over my shoulder. Since my time at TT, I have not only worked with some of the best people, I’ve learned a lot about the natural life in our beautiful city.

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