Justin Grabosky

Certified Arborist
TTA Climber 1
ISA Certified Tree Worker
I love treework for the teamwork it brings to my day. There’s nothing better professionally than being on a project where everything is just working, everyone is happy and working as hard as they can for the person next to them. I like Truetimber for being the only company I know of that is willing to change literally anything if it means a better workplace for it’s employees. Safety is not impossible to find in an employer but caring for the employees is very hard to find. When I’m not at work you would probably find me working on my home renovation. I also enjoy automotive mechanic tinkering. I am into anything computer related. I am currently working on whole home automation and setting up and upgrading my home server and networking. I think my passion in life is learning new things so I am always looking for a new skill to learn.

Connor Bowen

ISA Certified Arborist   MA-6005AT
ISA Certified Tree Climber
TTA Climber 1

My favorite thing about tree work is finding creative and safe ways to remove the massive amounts of material we need to remove and finding my way through tree canopies to the perfect work positions.  The problems are new and interesting every day.

At Truetimber I feel like I’m not just in a great work place but I’m also in a great family.  Everyone is always trying to help one another achieve goals in work and in life. 

Outside of work I love doing just about anything with my friends and family, and sports.


Caroline White

ISA Certified Arborist 6129A
TTA Groundwork Specialist
I am a Certified Arborist who went to school for farming too! When I’m not working on trees I’m at home building and maintaining our little place, Fiddlehead Farm and Apothecary. My favorite places are up in a tree canopy and down in the soil.

Wesley Bowers

ISA Certified Arborist
TTA Climber 1
ISA Certified Tree Worker
Passionate about safe and productive tree care and climbing. Always interested in discussing new climbing and tree care techniques and gear.

Adam Baggett

TTA Groundworker Specialist
TTA Feller 1

 I really enjoy the ability to work outside everyday as well as having to come up with creative solutions to large and difficult problems.  I appreciate how the people at TT are incredibly passionate about what they do.  Outside of work, I love whitewater kayaking and rafting. I still guide raft trips for Riverside outfitters when I can.

Ray Pettway

ISA Certified Arborist MA-5600
TTA Groundworker
VNLA Certified Horticulturalist 2610

Born and raised in Virginia, and I have lived in the RVA for over twenty five years. I’ve been with the company since September 2014 & am fiercely proud to work for the greatest tree care company on the planet. I am a five year member of the safety committee, certified arborist, certified horticulturalist, & Heartwood team member. I enjoy the challenge and camaraderie of the field, teaching new hires, & storm damage. —

Allen Blevins

Peter Girardi

US Army 1989-1992
ISA Certified Arborist, MA-0657AT
VNLA Certified Horticulturist #: 2325
B.S. Forestry and Wildlife, Virginia Tech 1996

I love everything about Richmond including my high school sweetheart and my 3 children who all attended the same high school I attended. After high school I joined the US Army where I served as an Infantry soldier. I fortunately spent my duty close to home, stationed in Arlington, VA with the ceremonial unit, The Old Guard. Directly after the military, I pursued and completed my degree in Forestry and Wildlife Science, realizing my true passion was in trees. My first stop as an Arborist was with a company here in Richmond where I learned most of my tree climbing skills and was a salesman for that company. After Hurricane Isabel in 2003 and climbing a lot of trees, I was hired as one of the City of Richmond Arborists and was quickly promoted to Urban Forester. Shortly thereafter, when I met Truetimber through recreational tree climbing events in the City, I realized I could combine my enthusiasm for the natural world and my passion for trees and call Truetimber my home. Having ridden my bike all over the city as a youth along with my past experience raft guiding the James, I continue to find new and unexplored gems in RVA. In addition to my passion for trees, if you want to have a long conversation with me, get me talking about cycling, mountain biking, alternative medicine and real food.

Scott Turner

US Navy 1989-1994
Master of Physics, VCU 1999
ISA Certified Arborist MA-4460AT
CVNLA Certified Horticulturalist

I am a lifelong Richmonder and love the simple life I live with my wife and two daughters in a lush urban forest near the banks of the ancient James River.

After travelling the world for five years as an enlisted member of the United States Navy, I earned a Master’s Degree in Physics before deciding that trees and nature had become my passion. I started Truetimber in 1998, and started an outdoor outfitting business called Riverside Outfitters in 2005 to share my love of our river, our trees, and the tree climbing experience.
In 2014 I was named a “River Hero” by the Friends of the James River Park for my stewardship of the great Richmond Outdoors.

When I am not working(rare) I am running Richmond’s streets and trails, hanging out with family, or reading and writing.

Mike Mather

ISA Board Certified Master Arborist MN 0307BM
ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification
Bachelor’s degree Biology University of Northern Iowa 1990

My path to Truetimber began in the Midwest. After graduating college in Iowa, My wife and I headed to Northern Minnesota where I worked at an environmental learning center teaching kids in the forests and lake country of the North Woods. In 1997, I moved to St. Paul and it was there that I learned arboriculture and tree climbing while working for a small tree company.  In 2003, we moved to Richmond where I joined a local tree company and experienced my first hurricane, Isabel.  In 2006, I was hired as a Richmond city arborist where I worked for 10 years managing city trees.  In 2016, I joined the Truetimber team.  When I find time to slip away from work and family, I can frequently be found on or near the James,  running trails or paddling the river.

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