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The Truetimber Blog

Everyone has a story to tell. It’s what keeps of connected. Take a minute or two and join Scott on an lil’ “Arborist Musing” excursion, enjoy the story and maybe glean some interesting facts about the city we call home.

48 Hours

The current of life is unrelenting in an East Coast metropolis. Even as I vainly grasp for an isolated moment, the urgent flow pulls my attention downstream. In full servitude to the Western mind I’ve [...]

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Bad Fruit?

My daughters aren’t very young anymore.  Or maybe you wouldn’t agree. They can still tally their  earth years using the original abacus- human digits.  Shouldn’t one be considered young, you might contend, if in common [...]

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Forest Sunset

At the end of an earth day, when the intensity of light and heat fades, just above the western horizon an observant human is allowed to see the softer shades of our Sun’s radiation. [...]

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