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Plant Health Care

 Plant Health Care is a program of monitoring your landscape for signs of pests or disease that could threaten the well being of your trees or shrubs.  Once a threat is identified, we carefully consider the best way to remove the threat without causing undo harm to the larger environment.

We hug trees at Truetimber …

but we also hug people. We see ourselves as mediators between the two greatest families of the two greatest kingdoms of the living world.  Our job is to help you and your trees live well together, to try to keep you and your trees from unnecessarily hurting one another, and to help you and your trees to benefit mutually from your proximity to one another.

Truetimber Plant Health Services:

  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Insect Treatments
  • Disease Teatments
  • Soil Management/Fertilization

We are your Arborist

As we have received and responded to thousands of tree-distress calls at Truetimber, we have come to appreciate that even a meager amount of pro-active monitoring and professional guidance about your landscape would contribute greatly towards the health of your trees, the health of your wallet, and in the worst kinds of distress involving severe weather or hazardous trees, the physical security and well being of your families.
It is this “pro-active monitoring” and this “professional guidance” that lay the foundation of Truetimber Arborist’s Plant Health Program.

In a program of monitoring your property we watch for trees that are stressed.

A tree that is stressed by biotic(caused by a living agent) or abiotic (weather, soil condition, weed-wackers, etc) factors may not look very different to you in your quick daily glances. “Stress” as it relates to trees is an unhealthy condition that affects living equilibrium and often drains the resources and energy reserves of the tree. Stress can usually be alleviated and the tree returned to its healthy, pre-stress condition.

Often, by the time a tree has become ill-enough to attract your attention, the stress, which could have been alleviated, has progressed to become a strain, or a point of irreversible damage or impact to the tree

By monitoring a tree or trees at your property our goals are to:

  • Help you to recognize poor growing conditions that may be harmful to
your trees
  • Identify trees that are stressed and discuss methods to alleviate any
 stressor that may pose a threat to 
the vitality of a given tree.
  • Help you and your trees live safely together by identifying and working to mitigate hazardous conditions related to your trees.
  • Work with you towards your goals and priorities concerning your landscape.

In the pursuit of all of these goals the “appropriate response” to conditions with your trees or landscape will be recognized as a response that properly combines our professional knowledge and guidance with your expectations, your goals, and your budget.

Truetimber has been Voted #1 Treecare Provider in Richmond 4 Times