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About Truetimber Arborists

The story of Truetimber Arborists Inc., is a story of people. We have always sought to provide a nourishing environment for our employees, and we have always pursued symbiotic relationships with our clients, our fellow tree care professionals, and the many vendors who supply our operation.

The Truetimber Story

While our trucks and other machines may not be the shiniest ones in town, we like to believe that our people and our relationships are.

Truetimber is committed to fielding the safest and most professional tree care crew available to you in Richmond, and by doing so protecting and preserving you, your trees, and your property.

When you become a part of the Truetimber story you can expect to experience the high level of courtesy and respect which is the natural result of our emphasis on relationship building. You can expect to see hard work and professionalism, and you can expect to feel that we have earned the money we are asking for in exchange for our services. If you don’t feel this way, you can expect responsiveness and concern for the way you do feel.

Truetimber wants to live, grow and thrive with you, with our employees, and with our community. Our story will continue to be a story of people.

Creating Relationships

Meet the Truetimber Managing Arborists

Peter Girardi

Chief of Operations

US Army 1989-1992
ISA Certified Arborist, MA-0657AT
VNLA Certified Horticulturist #: 2325
B.S. Forestry and Wildlife, Virginia Tech 1996

Peter loves everything about Richmond including his high school sweetheart and his 3 children who attend and have attended his same high school. After high school Peter joined the US Army where he served as an Infantry soldier. He fortunately spent his duty close to home, stationed in Arlington, VA with the ceremonial unit, The Old Guard. Directly after the military, Peter pursued and completed his degree in Forestry and Wildlife Science, realizing his true passion was in trees. His first stop as an Arborist was with a company here in Richmond where he learned most of his tree climbing skills and was a salesman for that company. After Hurricane Isabel in 2003 and climbing a lot of trees, Peter was hired as one of the City of Richmond Arborists and was quickly promoted to Urban Forester. Shortly thereafter, when he met Truetimber through recreational tree climbing events in the City, he realized he could combine his enthusiasm for the natural world and his passion for trees to call Truetimber home. Having ridden his bike all over the city as a youth along with his past experience raft guiding the James, Peter continues to find new and unexplored gems in RVA. In addition to his passion for trees, if you want to have a long conversation with Peter, get him talking about cycling, mountain biking, alternative medicine and real food.

Scott Turner


US Navy 1989-1994
Master of Physics, VCU 1999
ISA Certified Arborist MA-4460AT
CVNLA Certified Horticulturalist
TCIA Certified Tree Care Safety Professional

Scott, a lifelong Richmonder, enjoys the simple life he lives with his wife, Amy, and two teenaged daughters in the dense urban forest of Stratford Hills in Richmond.
After travelling the world for five years as an enlisted member of the United States Navy, Scott earned a Master’s Degree in Physics before beginning his arboricultural career. He has been the owner of Truetimber since 1998, and started an outdoor outfitting business called Riverside Outfitters in 2005 to share his love of our river, our trees, and the tree climbing experience.
In 2014 Scott was named a “River Hero” by the Friends of the James River Park for his stewardship of the great Richmond Outdoors.

Drew Dunavant

Safety Manager

ISA Certified Arborist MA-5475AT
TCIA Certified Treecare Safety Professional #01446
ISA Certified Treeworker

Drew’s passion for climbing trees began at a young age. A native of Fredericksburg, Drew grew up with a love of the outdoors and began to climb trees recreationally at the age of 14.  Seven years later, Drew made the decision to turn his hobby into his trade, working as a climber in the tree industry in both Fredericksburg and Northern Virginia. In 2012, Drew joined the Truetimber team, commuting daily from Fredericksburg. Finding a good fit, he eventually relocated his family to Richmond, where he has continued to enjoy the opportunity of doing exactly what he loves as an occupation in this beautiful city.

Mike Mather

Southside Branch Manager

ISA Board Certified Master Arborist MN 0307BM
ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification
Bachelor’s degree Biology University of Northern Iowa 1990

Mike’s path to Truetimber began in the Midwest. After graduating college in Iowa, Mike and his wife headed to Northern Minnesota where he worked at an environmental learning center teaching kids in the forests and lake country of the North Woods. In 1997, he moved to St. Paul and it was there that he learned arboriculture and tree climbing while working for a small tree company.  In 2003, Mike and his family moved to Richmond where he joined a local tree company and experienced his first hurricane, Isabel.  In 2006, he was hired as a Richmond city arborist where he worked for 10 years managing city trees.  In 2016, he joined the Truetimber team.  When Mike finds time to slip away from work and family, he can frequently be found on or near the James,  running trails or paddling the river.

Jim Licklider

Plant Health Specialist

Jim Licklider Truetimber Arborists

BS of Forestry, University of Missouri
ISA Certified Arborist MA-5649AT

Jim and his wife moved to Richmond in 2013. After working with Truetimber as a spray technician and fine pruner, in 2016 he assumed the role of Plant Health Care Manager.
In previous years he worked on invasive exotic insect research, experimental pesticide research, rural forest management, and even controlling and using wildland fires for forest health. When not in a tree or looking at bugs, he enjoys cooking, eating, and all things outdoors.